class notes and make up work

Make sure you check this page if you are absent. It is also a good idea to check in preparation for the Friday quizzes.  If you miss a quiz or test you will have until the following Friday to make it up.

30 May

Info on South Wolfeboro mills

3 April

How might the New Deal be related to the Progressive Era?
interesting slide show Angelina found

30 March

groups worked on the 1920s documents and book assignment- see 1890-1945 page

20 March

read the 1892 Populist Party platform
review part 1 due tomorrow
econ terms sheet is due Wednesday
read the chapters

16 March

the west
   west of 98 degrees west
   few trees except near streams, mountains and in
   people's yards
   plains- flat and mountains
   high in elevation
   sparsely populated

Groups and what are the top four things to learn from each of the first four sections of chapter 16.

15 March

fun filled 1844-1877 test
get started reading chapter 16- we are headed out west

14 March

snow day and Pi Day

13 March

looked at the essay that is due the next time we have class

6 March

pull factors of immigration are things that attract immigrants to a country
push factors are things that cause people to want to leave their homeland
compare the immigration patterns (push and pull factors, where they settled, economic activities and native born reactions) of Irish, German, and Chinese immigrants as well as the experiences of Mexicans who suddenly found themselves living in the US

21 February

complete Manifest Destiny worksheet
answer the transportation essay on the unit sheet in one paragraph no longer than half a page
What did Andrew Jackson have to say about the following things?
    Bank of the United States
    Indian removal
What was the Monroe Doctrine and why was it promulgated?

15 February

looked at French and Indian War DBQ- documents main point and context as well as outside relevant information

14 February

went over most of the highlighted terms for the 1754-1800 unit -on this blog

3 February

1491-1607 quiz
read chapters 3 and 4

2 February

things we talked about
    European explorers in the New World
    Columbian Exchange examples
    pirates v. privateers
    Treaty of Tordesillas
    Popes Rebellion
    Ft. Caroline
I dare you to figure out the extra credit questions.  Bet you a nickel you won't get it.

1 February

reasons Europeans looked to expand in 16th century
   united Spain
   fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire
   spread Christianity
   new technology that allowed boats to travel farther
   joint stock company
Portuguese and Spanish exploration
Where was Columbus going and did he get there?
groups looking at how Europeans, Africans, and Europeans interacted in America and how each was changed

Homework due tomorrow- chapter 2 notes.

31 January

handed out chapters schedule
Native American culture/environment chart
article on Native American technology
       main idea and evidence

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