Cold War questions

Article on black migration

Article on white migration

Hillbilly Highway article

Sun Belt article

outline of counter culture

1945-1980- Cold War time

            unit test will be 10 April with a DBQ about the Cold War
            read chapters 24-27
            geography for 20 March (chapter 24) North Korea, South Korea, France, West Germany,
            East Germany, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Berlin
            geography for 27 March Taiwan, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, India, Egypt, Iran,
            Guatemala, Interstates 90, 80, 10, 5, 95 and 25
            geography for 3 April- Gulf of Tonkin, Hanoi, Haiphong, DMZ, Khe San, Cam Ranh
            Bay, Saigon, Dien Bien Phu, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand
            geography for 10 April- San Francisco, Kent OH, Chicago, New York, Wounded Knee,
            Washington DC, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, and Los Angeles
            -Cold War/foreign policy questions                                     due date Tuesday 31 March
            -excerpt from Ken Burns film on baseball- Jackie Robinson
                        skill- Patterns of Continuity and Change Over Time
                        TMO- Ideas, Beliefs and Culture
            -civil rights timeline
                        skill- Periodization
                        TMO- Identity
            -class discussion/lecture on how the civil rights movement evolved during this period
                        skill- Appropriate Use of Historical Evidence
                        TMO- Identity
            -The AP people set up the time period 1945-1980 and I gave it the title “Cold War”.
            Your task is to come up with three other suitable titles for this unit.  The title must
            be inclusive of the time period and not be related to the cold war.  You must also
            justify your three alternative titles.                                               Due Thursday  9 April
                        skill- Periodization
-secondary source- excerpt from 1959 by Fred Kaplan
                        skill- Contextualization

                        TMO- Ideas, Beliefs and Culture

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